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About Us

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242am set up shop in 2012 and designed 300 homes since. We are constantly expanding & extending our expertise to all areas of housing, light commercial, interior design and office fit outs. It is our endeavor to create architecture arising from our core design values, we invite you to embark on a journey with us to build spaces that tell your story.

Our Design Values


We all use our spaces differently. Usually governed by our set of beliefs, practices and behavior - this is defined as a socio-cultural environment. We strive to integrate this environment into our designs to create spaces that boast their individuality.


Through energy efficient buildings and optimal use of natural sources of energy we strive to create architecture conscious of its footprint on the one planet we all share.


The cost over its life span and contribution to the comfort & well-being is what defines the economy of a building to us. The focus is on the Value of money rather than money itself.

Our Philosophy

We believe that every building tells a story through imprints created on our minds, impacts on the environment and its overall contribution to the urban fabric. We want our buildings to tell an Interesting Story.